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Persona Image Marketing and Creative Consulting.
We Image Your Success.

World leading expertise in brand and image.

Seventeen years of expertise and leadership.

Perfect marketing results track record with 280 clients.

Inventors of Image Marketing.

Creators of Persona Plan Methodology.

Award-winning creative teams.

Image-Marketing and brand-oriented creative.

Leadership in Equity Marketing.

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Image Marketing Creative

“Persona has built dozens of success brands.”
Strategy Magazine

Creators of Image-Marketing.


Inventors of Image-Marketing.

Award-Winning Creative Work for over 280 clients — work that generated results!

Persona creative teams who are the
acknowledged Image experts


The Image-Marketing Detectives
We’ve been called the Image Sleuths. Our approach allows us to find opportunities that have been missed — opportunities for growth that make the difference to success.

Image-Marketing Thought Leadership
The Persona team remains dedicated to the mission of thought leadership in the niche we created -– the most powerful and proven equity marketing method. From blue chips to start ups, over two hundred clients have surpassed their goals with Persona.

Excellence in Image. From our best-selling books, to self-help software, to formal consulted Persona Plans and consulting, Persona Corp remains the world leader in Image-Marketing.

Our clients
We work only with clients dedicated to growing into leadership positions in their industries, using proprietary tools and patented methods. Over 200 clients we’ve taken to the next level of their growth.

The Opportunity Finders
We are the ultimate Image detectives. Problem solvers. Opportunity finders. We always find the opportunity that makes the difference. The unique positioning that takes you to the next level. The crucial strategy or tactic which enables your success.

Persona Creative Persona Creative Formula

The Persona Difference
With many talented creatives available, why use Persona.
Our award-winning teams are acknowledged leaders in creative. But more importantly, they understand the power and application of Image-Marketing and Equity-Marketing.
Our creative teams get results through the combination of talent, strategy and Image-Marketing expertise.

“The Persona Principle works. We only hope our competition doesn’t catch on.”

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Persona Consultants

“I recently had the fortunate experience of attending a Persona workshop. I left enlightened and inspired.” Janet Hughes and Associates.

All Persona consultations are principle-driven, and personally conducted by an inventor of The Persona Principle system and Persona Plan methodology.

New Clients
For newcomers to the power of Persona, often the best approach to Image-Marketing and Persona equity marketing is to engage in a full consulted Persona Plan.

If you have a specific need, the following consulting engagements might be appropriate:

Specific addressable business
or marketing problem

35 hour concentrated consultation

Our principle consultant will focus on your issue, explore solutions, advise and participate with your team. Requires the activities be mostly focused over a one-week period.

Basic advice or team participation

Per diem consultation

Our principle consultant can participate in 8 hour consultations, focused around specific micro issues, advice on bigger issues in a meeting forum or any other appropriate consulting services, such as working with an executive team on their business or marketing plans.

Ongoing support and advice

Monthly retainer based on blocks of time per month

You decide how many hours of principle consultant time is required and a contract is drawn up, with monthly payments in advance. Meant for ongoing problem-solving or image-governance assistance.

Morale, corporate culture,
training issues and launches

Persona workshops for teams of 12 or more.

Designed as training and inspirational sessions and can be customized to drive momentum to launches of your new image or year-end reporting.

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Persona Plan Consultants

Persona methodologies have helped over 200 brands succeed where ordinary marketing, advertising or branding had failed to achieve leadership goals.

Persona Credibility Index
Now widely adopted in schools and by ad agencies, our proprietary Persona Credibility Index measures your credibility against your competitors in relative terms. All of our proven methodology relies on this accurate and meaningful index

Ask for your Persona Credibility Index

Persona Inventory
A Persona Plan or Image-Marketing Plan cannot be developed without a full audit. We analyze your Persona Assets (Image-Marketing strengths) and Persona Liabilities (Image-Marketing weaknesses) and compare to industry researched benchmarks. This is the starting place of any good plan. The Assets are used tactically in your plan. The Liabilities are remedied. Opportunities are found that maximize equity and momentum. A Persona Inventory is the most thorough system available, analyzing you on 92 separate points.

Ask for your Persona Inventory

Persona Plan
Using our proprietary software we can measure your relative position in YOUR marketplace and set micro and macro goals. Our principal consultant then works with your team to develop your Persona Plan:
Full 92 point audit and analysis
Persona Credibility Index
Five year Equity-Marketing Strategy
One year Tactical Image-Marketing Plan
One year Communications Tactical Plan including Media Plan
Consulting on implementation
This method is proven with top companies worldwide and has a near-perfect track record against client goals.

Ask for your Persona Plan


What is Persona

“The Persona Principle was used to successfully launch major new companies and brands of all sizes.”
Studio Magazine

What Persona is NOT
Persona is NOT an ad agency.
Persona is NOT a design firm.
Persona does NOT markup or subcontract.
Persona does NOT believe in commissions
or agency relationships.

What Persona IS
Persona IS the most effective proven Image-Marketing system., from the inventors of the niche.
Persona teams provide the highest level of Image-Marketing execution and planning.
Persona is the science and art of Image-Marketing
taken to its highest level of planning and execution.
Persona teams are the experts in Equity Marketing.
Persona is both a formal process and informal.
Persona exploits researched benchmarks, proprietary
indices and inventories and patent-pending software.
Persona is a collection of EIGHT Persona Factors –
the key drivers of your Image Equity.
Persona also deploys EIGHT-EIGHT Persona Codes –
the tactical pathways to success.
Persona audits your Image on 92 separate points,
rating you on a mathematical index.
Persona ensures a balance between the TWO
most important Image elements: Credibility and Impact.


What is Image Marketing

Persona defined Image-Marketing in 1988 as a scientific approach to investing equity in your image: your company image, your product brand image, your image.
Image-Marketing STARTS with brand marketing and expands the definition to include ALL areas of perception or Image.

Unlike Brand Marketers, Image-Marketers view ALL areas of the marketing matrix and corporate image as elements of equity position, from office culture and history to communications and image tools such as public relations and brand positioning.

Persona Image Sleuths
Our Image Sleuths explore and audit each of 92 elements of public image and rate them as either assets or liabilities. The assets are used to invest in your equity. The liabilities are corrected or mitigated. Opportunities are found that make the difference in momentum. There is no better way to achieve your business and sales goals.

“With Persona, create an effective plan to reach all your business, sales and marketing goals – on image alone.” Dayton Daily News.


Image Marketing problems and solutions

Did you know that only 26% of all businesses write a marketing plan, and 58% of those that did not cited 'lack of expertise' as the main reason. We created Persona Plan to solve this, and related problems.

Your brand has stopped growing and
competitors encroach on your territory.

You cannot find investors for
your visionary new technology.

Your advertising gets no results,
even when you spend millions.

Your original concept cannot
find an audience.

You know you need to do a marketing plan,
but don't have the time.

You are coping with managing
your business, but not growing it.

Your budget is limited and you get
no results from your marketing.

You know you need a brand plan,
but don't have the expertise.


You venture capitalists told you that you
need to work on your marketing plan.

You don't have a clear position or image for your company.

There are many ways to approach these problems – consultants, self-help books, experts, hard work, sweat capital, luck – but if you want to remove risk factors and reduce costs, you need a formulated, proven solution.

Complete a Persona Plan.


Expert Power Persona

The Expert Persona is far more modest than the Hero. The Expert Persona venture directs all marketing at building credentials, collecting them as a stamp collector hoards stamps. The Expert Persona subtly presents his credentials everywhere, ensuring credibility. This is a valuable persona for professionals, especially lawyers and doctors, who are restricted by laws that govern their advertising. But the Expert Persona is valuable in almost any service-oriented sector. The false modesty of the expert is more appealing to consumers than the arrogance of the Hero.

You might consider adopting the Expert Persona if:

You are already considered an expert in your field.
You have built a reputation within a well-established firm and wish to "go it on your own."
You can partner with someone who is considered an expert.
You can take your considerable experience and market yourself to reach acknowledged expert status (in other words, take your invisible credits and make them very visible).

The characteristics of the Expert Persona are:

Complete confidence in the product or service offered.
Vast knowledge in the segment.
Ranking in the top three of the field in expertise.
A natural expertise that's fully contained in the memory
(crib notes are not allowed to experts).
Confidence in public and enjoyment of the spotlight,
along with a healthy conceit dosed with crafted modesty.
Likability and/or respectability.
S Invention of the segment by the expert or modification of the product to differentiate it from the competition.

Persona Profile: The Body Shop
The Body Shop was not named for founder and expert Anita Roddick, but the company rides on her very capable shoulders. Anita grew her company on her own respectable image and solid principles. Her company has grown to earn $666 million in sales in 1993 – without spending a cent on advertising. Her success was based on an image-only Persona strategy.

The Body Shop is Anita Roddick. Her exploits as she traveled Africa and Asia in search of natural secrets are the stuff of consumer legend. Her customers know her commitment to social causes. Anita and the Body Shop stand for two main principles of: a new method of production not based on animal testing and providing aid to developing countries. Most of Anita's clients share her genuine concern for the environment. They purchase her natural products and either reuse or recycle the packaging.

Anita's image is integral to The Body Shop. Her expertise – and her commitment to social issues – is expected in her products.


Eight Persona Factors your new secret weapon

Based on decades of work and years of research, the eight Persona Factors are now taught in schools and used by marketers around the world.

These principles are universal to EVERY industry. To some extent they are used widely. Only Persona uses ALL of them in their work, from creative executions to formal Persona Planning. And only Persona has the entire matrix of research, benchmarks and methodologies that can ensure high momentum Image Marketing.

A light study of the eight factors is presented as eight chapters of the best-selling book, The Persona Principle (Fireside and Simon & Schuster).

To learn more about the eight factors, feel free to contact one of our consultants. A short eight-case study presentation is available.

For each of the eight factors we’ve established a body of research and benchmarks which allow you to index or compare to your competition.

Aside from the “common sense” wisdom contained in these principles, in our methodology we address each and every factor strategically and tactically in planning and creative executions. The factors are

Persona Factor 1
The Image Factor
The Image of success has more value than tangible success.

Persona Factor 2
The Reality Factor
Your image must be based on truth.

Persona Factor 3
The Custom Factor
Build your Persona based on your goal then customize your image based on your unique selling proposition to your unique audiences.

Persona Factor 4
The Credibilty Factor
Your persona must be believable and based on values with which your target audience can empathize.
Note: This is the most important factor, so important we’ve created the world famous Persona Credibility Index (PCI). Don’t use intuition in planning or executing to this important factor.

Persona Factor 5
The No-Compromise Factor
Your Persona, once established, must be treated as a set of rules that may never be broken.
Note: without perfect consistency there can be no equity.

Persona Factor 6
The Growth Factor
If you follow Persona methodology, your endeavour with grow at a compound rate until, at maturity, equity grows on its own.

Persona Factor 7
The Research Factor
No success can be obtained without CORRECT research and analysis.

Persona Factor 8
The Independence Factor
Persona must live. You give birth to a perfect child (through research and planning and execution), nurture your child (through consistency) and then allow Persona to live free of its creators.

Learn more about the IMPORTANT 88 Persona Codes

Invite a consultant to show you 8 case studies illustrating successful implementation of the 8 Persona Factors


eighty-eight persona codes

Where the 8 Persona Factors address the strategic elements of Image Marketing, the 88 Persona Codes are where the true power is — at a tactical level.

Even for creative executions of an annual report or a website, we deploy all appropriate codes. They are based on research, summarized in the best-selling book The Persona Principle, and used in Persona Planning methodology.

Note: Due to the complexity of the code data, the book necessarily provides only a short summary of the code’s definition, without tactical directions.

A substantial body of data and expertise is deployed in realizing the full value inherent in these codes. Gain the full power of Persona Image Marketing in your creative, strategies and planning, by engaging Persona to deploy the Persona Codes:

1 – Code of Imaging
2 – Code of Rationales
3 – Code of Playing Hard to Get
4 – Code of Religion
5 – Code of First Mind
6 – Code of Exposure
7 – Code of Creativity
8 – Code of Memory
9 – Code of Body Language
10 – Code of the Package
11 – Code of the Race
12 – Code of Goals
13 – Code of Barriers
14 – Code of Ownership
15 – Code of the Hero
16 – Code of Character
17 – Code of Service
18 – Code of Inventory
19 – Code of Risks
20 – Code of Continuity
21 – Code of Horn Blowing
22 – Code of the Dark Half
23 – Code of Complainers
24 – Code of Collective Conscious
25 – Code of Patience
26 – Code of Weakness
27 – Code of Impact
28 – Code of Reach
29 – Code of the Unexpected
30 – Code of the Turnaround
31 – Code of War
32 – Code of Directions
33 – Code of Campaigns
34 – Code of Strategy
35 – Code of Humanity
36 – Code of Dreams
37 – Code of Testimonials
38 – Code of Truth
39 – Code of the ASS
40 – Code of Gossip
41 – Code of Fashion
42 – Code of Acting
43 – Code of the Environment
44 – Code of Equity
45 – Code of Calls
46 – Code of Symbols
47 – Code of Targeting
48 – Code of Quality
49 – Code of Energy
50 – Code of Slogans
51 – Code of Being Easy
52 – Code of Advertising
53 – Code of Invention
54 – Code of Selling
55 – Code of Speculation
56 – Code of Maturity
57 – Code of Loyalty
58 – Code of Networking
59 – Code of Expert
60 – Code of Regularity
61 – Code of Talent
62 – Code of Change
63 – Code of Courtesy
64 – Code of Pause
65 – Code of Dress
66 – Code of Strength
67 – Code of Competence
68 – Code of Contrasts
69 – Code of Foreshadowing
70 – Code of Reliability
71 – Code of Familiarity
72 – Code of the Bribe
73 – Code of Power
74 – Code of Damage Control
75 – Code of Detail
76 –Code of Clairvoyance
77 – Code of Drilling
78 – Code of Technology
79 – Code of Doctors
80 – Code of Hype
81 – Code of Price
82 – Code of Mistakes
83 – Code of Eagerness
84 – Code of Twos
85 – Code of the Vigilante
86 – Code of Last Place
87 – Code of Ethics
88 – Code of Pride.